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Executives and Professionals in their Peak Earning Years

At Stone Wealth Management, we’re passionate about educating our clients in financial literacy and ensuring you are maximizing all financial and employment benefits available.

Austin is full of incredible job opportunities for many professionals, and it’s essential that you fully understand all the benefits offered to you.

This might include evaluating retirement plans (are different types offered, which should you be contributing to, what are the pros and cons or each, how much should you be contributing), executive compensation, pension benefits, and tax planning.

Additionally, many tech companies in Austin also provide stock options to their employees. We can help you navigate and understand, as you land a new job or switch jobs, everything you’re entitled to.

As your full-service financial partner, we’ll start by understanding where you’re working, what your income is, what your benefits are, if you have any executive compensation (ex. stock options or deferred compensation), or pension benefits. Additionally, we’ll discuss benefit selections, long-term disability, short-term disability, health care coverage, 401k investments, etc. to develop a full-encompassing financial plan customized to meet your specific needs and goals.

Stock Options

Stone Wealth Management provides financial planning and wealth management to tech industry professionals with stock options.

Stock options and the tax implications can be confusing and overwhelming when you are not familiar with their rules. The shares granted to you in the form of incentive stock options (ISO), restricted stock units (RSU), Employer Stock Purchase Plans (ESPP), or Non-Qualified Stock Options (NQSO) could turn into a substantial amount of wealth. Nevertheless, poor planning and execution can cost you unnecessary taxes in the end.

Additionally, one of the most common concentrations of wealth people have been, large or concentrated stock holdings in a single company. Owning a large stock position creates investment and planning challenges. We’ll assess your concentrated stock position and evaluate the long-term impacts and if needed, develop strategies to protect your wealth over time.

Deferred Compensation

Key executives who qualify for a deferred compensation plan will have the option to have their pay withheld until a later date or in retirement. This gives you the ability to put funds into a separate account which defers taxes, usually gives you a choice on when to take the compensation, whether a certain age or retirement, and helps executives reduce current year taxes while saving for retirement.

It’s important to understand the full details and risks involved when choosing to opt into a deferred compensation plan.

  • Is the plan qualified or non-qualified?
  • What tax advantages & disadvantages come with deferred compensation plans?
  • What amount should you defer?
  • What does all this mean in relationship to your retirement plan?

There are so many details, possibilities and contingencies when it comes to deferred compensation plans. Therefore, it’s so important to work with someone you trust who takes the time to review your options and assist you in making the best decisions. Find an advisor who can help deepen your level of understanding, and then ask the important questions. The time you invest doing so is as important as the financial investments you make.

Employee Benefits

As your Wealth Manager, we’re not just managing your investments– we’re a full-service financial planning partner. We’ll dive deep into your compensation package and help you mitigate risk and as well as understand all benefits available and make decisions to maximize your financial success.

Life Insurance - We’ll assist in reviewing that you are properly insured and offer recommendations when life events occur. Protecting your wealth and your family are top priorities to help lessen the burden during tragic circumstances.

Disability Insurance - The biggest money earner that you have is yourself – so if you become disabled and can no longer work, we want to make sure you’re properly insured so that you can get some sort of compensation should you no longer be able to earn a wage in the same capacity as you are no

Health Savings Accounts (HSA) - HSAs offer several benefits: not only tax-free spending for medical expenses in the short-term, but also saving for longer-term retirement & medical expenses. Additionally, we’ll help understand if your employer has a company match program on contributions so you can maximize your savings.

From taxes to investments, insurance to stock options, we can help you get organized and build wealth - Contact Us today!