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Special Report

Investing in Alignment with Your Values

Understanding which types of investments should be included in your financial plan is a big undertaking for anyone – let alone for those wanting to be a socially conscious investor.

So, ask yourself: What is the purpose of my investment portfolio?

For most of us, we hold investments to build wealth we can use for our children’s education, to support us in our retirement, and to provide peace of mind. But your investments are also an extension of the values you uphold in the rest of your life. And if your investment portfolio is not aligned with those values, is it meeting your needs?

Sometimes called “sustainable,” “socially responsible” or “impact” investing, ESG investing is a way of evaluating companies for their Environmental, Social and/or Governance practices. These labels all have specific meanings in the investment industry but are frequently used interchangeably. Mutual funds and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) that use ESG criteria hold companies that have higher scores in one or more of these metrics.

Learn about how to become a socially conscious investor in our special report:

Investing in Alignment with Your Values