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Articles, press releases, and media mentions

News, media activity, and press releases featuring Stone Wealth Management. Read about us in popular publications and articles on topics including wealth management, financial planning, investing, and more.

Financial Advising in a Changing Landscape and Economy w/ Morgan Stone

Financial Advisor's Workshop Podcast – September 10, 2022 

Morgan Stone was interviewed by Brian Kasal of FourStar Wealth Advisors on the Financial Advisor's Workshop podcast and video series about his journey from working in Trust to becoming a fee-only financial advisor, including how the pandemic has changed the industry as we adjust to the volatile economy.

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401(k) Rollover to an IRA

Sound Dollar – July 21, 2022

Antonio Tovar was interviewed by Erin Gobler on a retirement piece in Sound Dollar, titled 401(k) Rollover to an IRA. “People should take into consideration the benefits and drawbacks of rolling over a 401(k) into an IRA,” Tovar says. “The burden of making the investment decisions would then fall onto the individual and with the funds intended for retirement living, the funds require appropriate decision making and care.”

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Kelly Vick on Compilation Podcast Episode from the 2022 T3 Technology Tools for Today Conference

Swift Chats Podcast – June 8, 2022

Kelly Vick was interviewed by Marie Swift of Impact Communications on the Swift Chats Podcast compilation episode from the 2022 T3 Technology Tools for Today Conference, discussing how Stone Wealth uses technology, her biggest highlights and takeaways from the conference, and more.

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Stone Wealth Management Announces CFP® Marks for Team Member, Recognition on Two Top Advisor Lists, and Expansion of Team

YAHOO! Finance – May 13, 2022

In this news release, Stone Wealth Management announced that wealth advisor Antonio Tovar has been approved to use the CFP® mark of distinction. In addition, the firm was named to multiple lists of top financial planning firms in Austin and has added a new Austin native to the firm.

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Why Are People Making 6 Figures Living Paycheck to Paycheck?

GOBankingRates – May 2, 2022

Antonio Tovar was quoted in this piece by Gabrielle Olya in GoBankingRates titled “Why Are Over Half of People Making $100K Living Paycheck to Paycheck?”. Tovar notes that two major wealth-building tools — higher education and housing — are now more costly than ever before, making it harder for even upper-income earners to make ends meet.

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Tackling The Diversity Problem In Financial Services

Financial Advisor MAGAZINE – MAY 1, 2022

Antonio Tovar was interviewed by Ben Mattlin of Financial Advisor Magazine in this important article on the need for diversity in the financial services industry. “It’s common for the current generation in my community to be the first that’s going to college,” says Tovar, who is a Hispanic professional in his mid-20s. “Many of those who might be well-suited to join the financial services industry are unaware of the opportunities available to them.”

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Top 9 Best Financial Advisors in Austin, TX | 2022-2023 Ranking

ADVISORYHQ – April 20, 2022

Stone Wealth Management is listed as one of the best financial advisory and wealth management firms in Austin, TX for 2022-2023 in AdvisoryHQ's Top Rated Rankings & Review. According to AdvisoryHQ: "While Stone Wealth Management may be among the smallest firms on our list of top-rated Austin financial advisors, this firm offers an excellent depth of financial management expertise while providing maximum value to their clients."

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Adulting with Money with Guest Kacie Swartz

The Chicago Money Show – April 8, 2022

Kacie Swartz is interviewed on The Chicago Money Show with Bridget Sullivan Mermel, discussing what to focus on financially when you start your first job or when starting a family.

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An Emergency Fund is Your First Line of Defense Against Unexpected Costs and Provides Peace of Mind

Business Insider – March 30, 2022

Antonio Tovar discusses how much money to have in an emergency fund, which should depend on personal preference, job security, and anticipated short-term large expenses.

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Best Financial Advisors in Austin, TX

Expertise.com – March 7, 2022

Stone Wealth Management has been identified by Expertise.com as one of the Best Financial Advisory Firms in Austin, TX in 2021 and 2022. Expertise.com scored 212 financial advisory firms in Austin and narrowed it down to the top 39 based on 25 variables across five categories.

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Why Moving to a State with Low Income Taxes Could Cost You

BARRON's – March 2, 2022

Morgan Stone discusses "Why Moving to a State with Low Income Taxes Could Cost You": “It has always puzzled me when someone retires from a high income tax state and moves to a no state income tax state, such as Texas, when they have no earned income and then make a large real estate purchase that will have huge taxes."

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Dividend ETFs Give You Free Money. Here’s How to Make Sure You Select One That Does

NextAdvisor by TIME – February 22, 2022

Kacie Swartz was quoted in this article in NextAdvisor by TIME on Dividend ETFs: "Reinvesting the dividends helps you take advantage of compound interest and is a better move for most investors," says Swartz.

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Expert: How to Get out of Debt

NTD television – February 21, 2022

Paul Greaney at NTD Television interviewed Antonio Tovar, Wealth Manager at Stone Wealth Management, about advice he has for getting out of debt.

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ETFs Can Help Protect Your Money in a Market Downturn By Diversifying Your Portfolio. Here’s How

NextAdvisor by TIME – February 18, 2022

Kacie Swartz was quoted in this article on ETFs in NextAdvisor by TIME. When you invest in ETFs, you are getting more bang for your buck, says Swartz. “The first pro is that it’s a terrific entry level into investing. You’re going to get a diversified pool of securities, all inside that ETF wrapper.”

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Ep. #67: Transitioning From a Stock Broker to a Fee-Only RIA with Antonio Tovar (Part 2)

New Planner Podcast – January 28, 2022

Antonio Tovar returned to the New Planner Podcast from New Planner Recruiting, LLC, for part 2 of his discussion on transitioning from a stock broker to a fee-only RIA, including his journey to becoming a CFP®, tips for new planners, and more.

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Episode 33: Can ESG help women advisers succeed?

INVESTMENTNEWS – January 21, 2022

Women advisers still make up only about 20% of the American advisory industry, despite years of work being done to increase their presence. On this episode, Kacie Swartz and Haleh Moddasser, both financial advisers, join Steve for a conversation about how integrating ESG practices can be a huge opportunity to pull in new women to the field, retain and grow those who are already here, and help all women advisers thrive. As Kacie summarizes, the industry needs to get women to understand that it's not about greed and helping the rich get richer; it has a higher purpose, and ESG helps women tell that story.

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Ep. #66: Transitioning From a Stock Broker to a Fee-Only RIA with Antonio Tovar (Part 1)

New Planner Podcast – January 21, 2022

Antonio Tovar was featured on the New Planner Podcast from New Planner Recruiting, LLC, discussing his transition from a stock broker to a fee-only RIA, including how he got his start in the financial services industry.

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Kacie Swartz of Stone Wealth Management spoke on ESG Investing at the InvestmentNews "Women Adviser Summit"

YAHOO! Finance – December 9, 2021

Kacie Swartz's interest in Environmental, Social & Governance funds (ESG) started as an extension of her personal commitment to living a more sustainable lifestyle. Swartz turned her years of experience constructing advance portfolios as a Certified Investment Management Analyst® to researching ESG fund options. She found clients were also drawn to the topic and has helped countless people better understand how their dollars are invested and how best to align their values with those investments.

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InvestmentNews Women Adviser Summit

InvestmentNews – November 3, 2021

Kacie Swartz spoke at the InvestmentNews Women Adviser Summit on November 10, 2021 in New York City as part of a panel on "Bringing Impact Investing and ESG investing into the mainstream." Advisers heard the latest updates on Impact Investing and ESG and how they can prevent falling for "greenwashing."

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Socially Responsible Investing Tips: What to Know, How to Start

Corporette.com – November 2, 2021

Kacie Swartz was quoted in this piece titled "Socially Responsible Investing Tips: What to Know, How to Start" by Kate Antoniades, where she walks readers through the basics of socially responsible investing, providing her unique perspective on how to impact change with our wallets by “investing in a way that doesn’t compromise the values you hold in all other parts of your life.”

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Grab Good Digs While You Can

WealthManagement.com – October 15, 2021

Morgan Stoneshared his expertise in this article, “Grab Good Digs While You Can,” where he details how his firm had the upper hand in negotiations for the firm’s new 4,000 square foot building in the midst of the pandemic. “I felt the pandemic would be short term, and if I waited until things got back to a normal level, I’d lose my opportunity,” says Stone, whose six employees now work in the office 60% of the time. “There’s always going to be a need for offices.”

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7 Ways to Address Pandemic-Related Debt

Real Simple – August 26, 2021

Kacie Swartz was quoted in this article, “7 Ways to Address Pandemic-Related Debt”, by Jennifer Chesak in Real Simple. By reducing your taxable income with a dependent care flexible spending account (DCFSA), you may be able to free up funds to pay off debt. "It is well worth it to research this benefit and ease cash flow on one of the most expensive recurring items in most family budgets," Swartz says. "My family daycare bill is more than our mortgage!"

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A Second-Act Consulting Gig Takes Time and Effort to Succeed. Here Are Some Tips

Barron's – July 17, 2021

Morgan Stone was interviewed by Cheryl Winokur Munk at Barron’s regarding tips on starting a consulting gig in retirement. According to Stone, it’s important to create an ideal client profile and stick to it, whether that’s by retainer size, project revenue, area of expertise, or something else.

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What’s Next for the Advisor’s Office

Financial Planning Magazine – June 3, 2021

In this article by Ryan Neal at Financial Planning, Morgan Stone and Kacie Swartz were interviewed on their plans to expand their business with a new office, in the midst of the pandemic. Stone Wealth Management has made a smooth transition to remote work thanks to previous investments in technology, but working from home never matched the experience of working together in person, Stone says.

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Austin-Based Stone Wealth Management Opens New Office, Makes Top Advisor List, Hones in on Specialties and Adds Staff

Yahoo! Finance – May 11, 2021

Stone Wealth Management, an independently-owned and operated financial planning and SEC Registered Investment Advisory firm, announced they are now situated in their new office space at 4210 Spicewood Springs Rd, Bld. E in Austin, TX. The new office space will allow the firm to add more staff, host more events, and meet client demands. In addition, the firm was named to a list of top financial planning firms in Austin, specialties have been declared, and a new graduate of Texas Tech's Personal Financial Planning program has joined the firm.

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The List: Austin-Area Financial Planning Firms

Austin Business Journal – April 2, 2021

Stone Wealth Management was included in the 2021 Austin Business Journal list of top financial planning firms. The List includes firms with offices in the Austin area, including Travis, Williamson, Hays, Bastrop and Caldwell counties. The list is ranked by the number of certified financial planners (CFP) in the Austin office and ties are broken by the total number of certified professionals handling financial planning. Professionals include Certified Financial Planners (CFP), Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), Investment Advisor Reps (IAR), Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC), Chartered Life Underwriters (CLU), as well as Series 65 and 66 licenses.

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Kids and Money, Earth Day, Spring Cleaning and ESG Investing

Media Source Portal – April 1, 2021

Kacie Swartz of Stone Wealth Management was interviewed by Marie Swift of Impact Communications for this article on Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) investing. “Consumers and investors can take an Earth Day approach to their finances. If climate change and the environment are important to them, they can manage their finances in a way that supports that. They can look at banking, budgeting, spending, housing, investing, etc. with an eye toward supporting the companies that support their world views,” said Swartz.

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5 Retirement Planning Wrinkles for Couples with Big Age Gaps

Kiplinger – May 7, 2019

Retirement decisions can be complex when a big age gap between spouses means wide variations in retirement dates, life expectancy, health and other factors. Much of the standard retirement advice may not work for age-gap couples. Kacie Swartz of Stone Wealth Management is quoted in this article in Kiplinger.

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Of a Certain Age? You May Need to Withdraw Money From a Retirement Account

The New York Times – December 14, 2018

You may be thinking about holiday gifts and New Year's resolutions. But if you're old enough and you've been saving for retirement, it's also time to confirm that you've withdrawn money from certain accounts, as required by the Internal Revenue Service. Kacie Swartz of Stone Wealth Management is quoted in this article in The New York Times.

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We're in Our 20s, Have $65,000 in Savings, and Want to Buy a Home. Can We Afford It?

Money.com – June 27, 2018

Kacie Swartz of Stone Wealth Management provided her recommendations on how a young couple in Austin can finance their home-buying dream as well as their other goals.

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