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2020 Q2 Market Update

By: Stone Wealth Management

2020 has been a whirlwind of Coronavirus news and its impact not only on our daily lives, but also the economy and the stock market. Other than the virus itself, a defining feature of the pandemic has been record breaking volatility; the measure of both positive and negative market movement. The challenge of such dramatic swings is that selling after the worst days of a volatile period means you are more likely to miss one of the best days on the upswing.

Staying invested can be hard to stomach when watching market drops eat away at your portfolio, but remember that it's all about "Time IN the Market" not "TIMING the market". Historically, the longer you can stay invested, the lower your risk of losing money over your entire investment period.

Part of being able to avoid responding to emotion during periods of uncertainty is having confidence in your long-term financial planning and perspective on how market performance impacts that plan.