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2019 Q4 Quarterly Market Review

By: Stone Wealth Management

2019 closed with strong returns across most asset classes, with US REITs being the weakest performer in Q4 after being the strongest in Q3!  This kind of performance reversal is par for the course when looking at investments in the short term.  Part of being able to avoid responding to emotion during periods of uncertainty is having an appropriate asset allocation that is aligned with your willingness and ability to bear risk.

However, as with many aspects of life, we can all benefit from a bit of help in reaching our goals. The best athletes in the world work closely with a coach to increase their odds of winning, and many successful professionals rely on the assistance of a mentor or career coach to help them manage the obstacles that arise during a career.


They understand that the wisdom of an experienced professional, combined with the discipline to forge ahead during challenging times, can keep them on the right track. Having a strong relationship with your financial advisor can help you be better prepared to live your life through the ups and downs of the market.  Please reach out to our office to schedule an update appointment.