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Financial Articles

Below please find a library of articles that Stone Wealth Management has written and featured in our newsletters. We hope you find these relevant to your financial planning efforts. If you'd like to learn more, please contact us today.

Investor Lessons for 2022

2020 and 2021 both underscore the importance of staying invested and diversified. The path of markets and the economy are difficult if not impossible to predict, even in the face of a once-in-a-century pandemic or skyrocketing inflation. These lessons will also likely be true of 2022 regardless of what transpires. Here are five key lessons of the past year that will no doubt carry forward into 2022 and beyond.

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Why the Housing Market Is at All-Time Highs

The housing market continues to heat up alongside the post-pandemic boom. The limited supply of homes, historically low interest rates, rising financial asset prices and other factors have created a sense of urgency among many to buy new homes and list their existing ones. As the market further eclipses pre-2008 levels, how does this affect investors?

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Why Investors Should Manage Expectations

As with many things in life, investing is often about managing expectations on the economy, markets and portfolio returns. Doing so can be challenging since strong market gains and solid economic growth can fuel even greater and eventually unrealistic expectations. At the same time, long-term investors understand that temporary market pullbacks and economic slowdowns are unavoidable. Preventing disappointment is often a matter of maintaining discipline and perspective as market expectations continue to rise. After a red-hot economic rebound and stock market rally, there are certainly high expectations across the entire investment landscape. For instance, last week's jobs report severely missed economist projections.

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