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Clarity and Confidence in a Complex World

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.
~ Eleanor Roosevelt

Does this famous Eleanor Roosevelt quote resonate with you? At Stone Wealth Management, it sure does resonate with us. In fact, we are in the business of making dreams come true. How do we do that?

  • By asking questions that other advisors don’t
  • By bringing clarity to complexity
  • By taking complications and worries off our clients’ plates
  • By solving problems and de-stressing our clients’ lives
  • By taking complicated issues and making them digestible and less scary
  • By taking the time to understand your goals, values, concerns

At Stone Wealth Management, we are always refining our processes and technology to provide the best client experience possible. Our advisors enjoy being the go-to person when a client has a big life planning issue. We take pride in providing more than “just” financial planning and investment management services – we create a total client program.

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Let's talk about making even your  biggest dreams possible!

Most of our clients came to us because they knew they needed to level-up their finances and work with a professional team of “loving nags” – a label we proudly accept! A team that would help get things done, on time and in the right way?

Or they were going through one of life’s many transitions – death, divorce, layoff, new job, exiting a business as an entrepreneur, retirement, inheritance, you name it – and we saw to it that our team of “landmine avoidance experts” (another label we gladly accept) would guide them through those challenging times.

Throughout our process we show all our client’s various scenarios so they can see the benefits and trade-offs of certain strategies. This collaboration with our clients brings structure and value to our process.

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Like you, we’re Austin-proud!

We love Austin and are working hard to become the premier financial advisory firm in our beloved hometown. What better way than to work collaboratively with our clients, helping protect their families from risks and landmines, shysters and snake oil salesmen, incompetent and misguided individuals, and big box brands that can only provide an impersonal surface-level experience.

We get as much satisfaction from helping our clients answer the array of life-changing questions as we do leverage our knowledge and experience to improve their lives. We simplify, educate, consult and collaborate as transparent partners who are true to our word.

image of a lighthouse

Get to know the Stone Wealth Team!

If you are looking for clarity and confidence in a complex world – especially when it comes to your money and how you might with a little grit and the right guidance achieve your biggest life-goals – you have come to the right place.

We enjoy problem solving and will provide a re-assuring presence as your life unfolds. We’ll work hard to help you build peace-of-mind and confidence knowing that your future is being planned for and details attended to for by a dedicated, pro-active, professional team.

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